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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

Eden Hason

This Sunday, 25th of February, The Wiltern is the only place you should be as ACUM Award-winning star Eden Hason kicks off his inaugural tour here in California’s City of Angels! Still piping hot from last year’s record-breaking string of performances, the singer-songwriter will extend his trajectory to the United States, promising American fans a full showcase of his Mizrahi club anthems and ballads. Inspired by elements of soul, pop, and R&B, Eden Hason has kept his place as Spotify’s #1 Israeli artist for two years in a row now, drawing over 700k monthly listeners to his eclectic discography. Grab the chance to see him perform some of his best-charting tracks, which often feature Galgalatz radio hits “At Hasera Li” and “Gadal Li Ktzat Zakan,” as well as 2019 Song of the Year “Shemishehu Yaatzor Oti” — all elevated by The Wiltern’s stylish backdrop and pitch-perfect acoustics. Buy your tickets today!

Turn up the volume and let your musical horizons expand as Israel’s rising star lights up the United States for the first time this 2024! After a successful year of tours, with milestone concerts at the historic Yarkon Park and Sultan’s Pool, Eden Hason will take over California to close the winter season with a bang, featuring an exclusive Sunday night performance on February 25 at The Wiltern in Los Angeles.

“With its hypnotic melodies and soulful lyrics, it’s easy to see why listeners are drawn to his work. His songs are often layered with intricate beats and textures that help create a unique sonic landscape.”

Join the first wave of US fans to greet Spotify and Apple Music’s most-streamed Israeli artist of 2023 — Eden Hason! This coveted achievement marks the 29-year-old singer-songwriter’s second consecutive year in the #1 spot, clinching a Person of the Year in Music recognition and over 350 million views on YouTube alone.

From your phone’s playlist to the concert stage, Eden Hason’s passionate ballads and riveting Mizrahi anthems will flood your senses full of pop, soul, and R&B-induced dopamine unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Official setlists for the event are yet to be released; however, fans can expect a hand-crafted arrangement of the artist’s most on-repeat hits. Often, these include his debut album’s titular track, “Shemishehu Yaatzor Oti,” which won an ACUM Song of the Year Award in 2019, and Galgalatz radio favorites such as “Shki’ot Adumot,” “At Hasera Li,” and “Gadal Li Ktzat Zakan.” Hason has also recently dropped a couple of viral singles, so make sure to tune in for their highly anticipated live debuts!

Don’t get swept away in Koreatown and zero in on the glazed terra-cotta tiled landmark of the Pellissier Building and its adjoining Wiltern Theatre! Modestly sized at a 1,850 maximum capacity, the 12-story venue hosts a stunning event space for music shows— complete with a breathtaking backdrop, state-of-the-art sound concert acoustics, and deluxe seats.

Indulge yourself with the most resonating melodies Israeli music has to offer today, courtesy of Eden Hason LIVE at The Wiltern this Sunday, February 25. Click the “Get Tickets” button and book your reservations now!

Eden Hason at The Wiltern

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