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Daniel Sloss

He's all pumped up for an exciting new year! Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss is taking his 12 solo tour named "CAN'T" back to the stage. Produced by Live Nation, the global trek kicks off this April, taking the hilarious comic's stand-up specials around the world. This time around, he's set to discuss and defy notions surrounding stand-up comedians. We've heard that they just can't talk about anything they want to... Well, Sloss is here to break those barriers, it's a free world, after all. Part of his upcoming trek is a special stop at The Wiltern on Friday, May 17. The man will also dive into discussions about anything under the sun, which may include talks on parenthood... Although one thing's for sure, ya'll are in for a show that's set to get you laughing out loud. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now.

Following a successful 2023 run for his "CAN'T" series of shows, the man is taking his stand-up trek for another run, slated for 2024. This spring, Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss is kicking off his U.S. shows for "CAN'T". This marks the final leg of his acclaimed stand-up tour, visiting 27 cities throughout April and May.

Daniel Sloss' 12th solo tour brought in tons of laughter, cheer, and acclaim across its UK shows in 2023. "CAN'T" defies notions that stand-up comedians can't talk about anything under the sun. In fear of censorship, wokes, cancels, and other creeping destruction by social media, the stand-up scene definitely had its fair share of controversy. Well, what's the man up to?

Amidst a world dominated by social media and the fear of cancel culture, Daniel Sloss is set to defy labels and all sorts of jargon society tends to bestow upon whomever they'd like. He's the real deal, that's for sure. Stirring relevant conversations through his past stand-up specials, he shines a light on new perspectives that people tend to miss. Also, he's been talking about the ins and outs of parenting in his recent performances...

Sloss' past performances include his critically-acclaimed "Hubris", his biggest comedy trek of 2021. Another of his praised performances include "X", focusing on topics surrounding sexual assault, staging over 300 shows around the world. It has its own live film, available for streaming on HBO and Sloss' official website.

"If you’re not comfortable, don’t worry about it too much," Sloss said in the show. "I’m going to provide plenty of material that’s going to make most of you very fucking uncomfortable."

He's a man who's keeping it all real. Real stories, real feelings, and really important conversations. Nope, this isn't a TED Talk, it's a show that brings laughter, even in places that haven't had much lately. For him, laughter is a way to "bring a level of humanity back", especially to a "moment that seems to lack it."

Striking everyone's minds, his shows glittered will comedy and hilarious spiels tuck in important messages, with every audience bringing home a lesson or two. He has two Netflix special up his sleeve - "Dark" and "Jigsaw", the latter having a worldwide effect, causing over 350K breakups and 400 divorces. Focusing on real relationship matters, his power is definitely not to be overlooked. It's not just about cracking jokes, he's out here making an impact in real lives.

It's all because he can. His power in the realm of comedy is unmatched. Taking new perspectives to the stage, don't miss out on the last leg of his 'CAN'T" tour by booking your tickets now!

Daniel Sloss at The Wiltern

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