Daniel Seavey [CANCELLED] at The Wiltern

Daniel Seavey [CANCELLED] Tickets

The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

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Daniel Seavey [CANCELLED]

Amidst challenges and battles that came in the way of his band, Daniel Seavey is free - bound to conquer anything that comes his way. Dropping his solo debut record, Dancing in the Dark, the beloved singer is ready to shine all of the lights on his new masterpiece - live on tour. Making his voice heard with his newest hard-hitters "I Tried", "Runaway", and "Can We Pretend That We're Good" along with his beautiful opener "Fall Into You", nothing's stopping Seavey from doing what he does best - making music. "All I want is to be a light for others and make music," the singer wrote in a letter as he dropped the surprise EP. Now that it's here... he's set to dance in the light on tour. Seavey's Dancing In The Light trek is hitting the stage at The Wiltern on Saturday, 21st of October this year. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

After his band's hiatus and legal battle with its management, Daniel Seavey marks his freedom with his first-ever solo EP "Dancing in the Dark". Featuring seven songs mostly self-written and produced by yours truly, the man sings his heart out to his newest hard hitters "Runaway", "I Tried", "Can We Pretend That We’re Good?", "Fall Into You", "Give It a Week", and "Nothing Compares".

With new music marking his big return to the airwaves, he's shaking things up with a matching tour! With songs written amidst trial and challenges in the dark, he's ready to shine all of the lights with his new masterpieces. He is stoked to kick off the Dancing In The Light Tour - coming to you live at The Wiltern on October 21st.

"Earlier this year I took some big legal risks to attempt to free myself from my managers (the same ones that I believe broke up my band)," he shared in a letter shortly after his EP officially dropped. "I simply wanted to leave the past behind and continue forward with a solo career," he added. "Everyday for the last 6 months has been a battle. All I want is to be a light for others and make music."

A familiar face now emerged as one of the industry's brightest up-and-coming stars. "BECAUSE I’M FINALLY FREE AND WILL NEVER BE STOPPED AGAIN!!!," he declares. Following his band's hiatus, Seavey is all grown up, with some faith and hope - destined to make it big with his self-produced effort.

Having fallen in love with music after stealing a toy piano from his younger sister, jokingly citing it as "Big bro things", he later bought himself a used keyboard and started busking with his dad's church equipment. Saving up money from busking, he bought himself his own guitar and soon after learned a couple more instruments including the violin and cello. In 2015, he auditioned for American Idol with his iconic "Hallelujah" and "Straight Up" performances. Winning the world's hearts, he finished in the competition's top nine.

Invited into an audition for a boyband by his good friend Jack Avery, he found his way to LA, and "I never came back," he says. Why Don't We ended up winning hearts across the world for their smash hits "8 Letters" and "Trust Fund Baby". What seemed like glitter and gold with platinum hits and a global fanbase, the band caused their management of "mental, emotional, and financial abuse".

As the band announced hits hiatus, "It was the biggest blessing of my life," Seavey shared with Rolling Stone. "It hurts to know how much bad happened… But I don’t regret it at all."

No regrets and a newfound hope, Daniel Seavey is bound to make it big. With stories to tell and a new era to kick off, he's all set to dance in the light. Don't miss out on Seavey's massive new record live on stage by booking your tickets now!

Daniel Seavey [CANCELLED] at The Wiltern

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