Cuhdeejah, Sean2 Miles & Paschan at The Wiltern

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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California

We have some great news for fans of hip-hop, R&B, and blues. The Southern Hospitality tour featuring CuhDeeJah, Sean2 Miles, and the R&B star Paschan will play at the iconic Wiltern Center on Saturday, 22nd April 2023. You can expect a top evening of fine hip-hop and R&B.

Sean2 Miles has enjoyed a glittering music career as a producer, singer, and rapper. Meanwhile, CuhDeeJah is on course to become one of the leading female hip-hop stars in the world. She recently released her debut single, "Blue Racks." The track has an uplifting 8-bar beat along with fast drum beats. Paschan collaborated with Sean2 Miles to release the single "Favorite." It highlighted her powerful but soothing vocals.

CuhDeeJah, Sean2 Miles, and Paschan are at their best performing live; you can expect one mega-rousing event. Tickets are selling out quickly. We urge you to get your tickets now to avoid any kind of disappointment.

Cuhdeejah, Sean2 Miles & Paschan at The Wiltern

Right now, Sean2 Miles is a hot property in the hip-hop world. The Mississippi-born and bred artist is a leading star. He has been producing top-tier music since 2017 and is enjoying great success and recognition among hip-hop fans. Sean2 Miles has released several albums since appearing on the scene, including "Heartaches & Turn Ups," "Double Lit Double It" with Daniel Curtis, and the EP "Farmhaven." He reached the top of the charts with four number 1 tracks and, over the years, has worked with musical icons such as Juicy J and Snoop Dogg. The performer incorporates pop and house into his music to add a great deal of versatility.

Sean2 Miles has previously collaborated with Cuhdeejah and Paschan. He produced CuhDeeJah's "Blue Racks" single, which incidentally also featured the rapper Blueface. CuhDeeJah raps about money, success, and women's empowerment. Meanwhile, Paschan began her career as a talk show host with her own online "Paschan Show." She later moved into the music scene after P. Diddy discovered her on MTV's "Making The Band 3." In 2022, she raised eyebrows with the track "Favorite." It proved to be a big hit with music fans everywhere.

The LA leg of the Southern Hospitality tour will be touching down on 22nd April. It's going to be an event with slick lyrics and ear-pleasing beats. Be sure to get your tickets for an amazing show featuring the best of Hip Hop and R&B.

Cuhdeejah, Sean2 Miles & Paschan at The Wiltern

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