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The Wiltern | Los Angeles, California


There’s something about techno music and old theaters that just seems to click. That’s especially the case when the performer is someone like New Zealander BAYNK. He’s going on a very limited tour to promote his new album, SENESCENCE 01+02. One of the stops on his tour is at The Wiltern Theater in LA on Saturday, 20th July 2024. As it stands, this LA date is one of only 2 US concerts that BAYNK is going to be offering this summer. The other is in NYC, so any fans of BAYNK on the West Coast are going to have little to no choice but to flock to the Wiltern Theater.

To live out the true techno experience, you’ll want to stand with your friends in the pit next to the stage. That’s where all of the action is going to be. There are still seated options on the upper decks if you like the music but don’t want to be mobbed. Click the get tickets button to see BAYNK; it’s truly one of the few opportunities out there.

BAYNK is one of those artists that you can tell on stage he’s having a blast. That bleeds into the crowd, and it’s so much part of the experience that he brings to the live events. It’s still about the music first for him. That’s probably one of the reasons why he’s going on such a short tour this year. He could be hitting up a lot more venues even larger spots, but it’s in places like The Wiltern Theater where he shines the most.

What you can expect when you come out to the theater with friends is that traditional techno vibe in a place that’s frozen in time. The theater is going to be a major part of the performance on that Saturday July 20th. It’s a little bit like going to these venues to see up-and-coming artists. Yet, the headliner is someone who’s been in the business for a long time. One of the coolest things about BAYNK is that he’s genuinely a down-to-earth dude. He started self-promoting his music through Reddit.

Although he’s from New Zealand, he’s spent some time living in the LA area. In fact, he grew up as a performer in this local techno music scene that’s going to be very present at this upcoming event. Although plenty of people can fit into The Wiltern Theater, it’s almost going to feel like a private party for techno music fans. BAYNK’s gonna make sure that the vibe is chill and fans don’t get too rowdy. His style has always been on the tropical side of the techno spectrum. Once those beats drop, you and your friends can kiss those worries goodbye! The music plus the venue are a perfect combo to wrap you around and make you just stay in that moment at least for one bit.

BAYNK fans could be coming from all over the country and settling in LA for the July 20 show. There’s plenty of room in the standing area to hopefully fit most of these people. You still want to get your tickets and arrive at the theater early. From the moment you see the theater’s billboard and the entire building in the background, you’re going to feel like you’re stepping back in time. The whole experience is gonna be insane; you don’t want to miss it!

BAYNK at The Wiltern

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